How to start to learn Chinese?

There are many dialects in China, and most of people will learn Mandarin in their childhood, which has been certified as official language in China, so we also call it Chinese.

Chinese beginners should study Chinese Pinyin at first, which are alphabet and phonetic symbol used to helping people read and type in Chinese language. People studying Pinyin are able to pronounce Chinese words, and they can learn some daily language and signal words to improve their pronunciation and vocabulary secondly. Beginners can learn grammar lastly, actually Chinese grammar have the same with English, people who speak English or have kownledge about English would be easier to study Chinese.

Chinese characters is a kind of Hieroglyphics, which can be read and realize in a short time, but is totally different with Lantin characters like English and Russian. As a result, beginners have to play much effort to copy and read Chinese or they can’t remember the words.

The article has written by the Chinese teacher May.

School of foreign languages "SkillSet" in Lipetsk: Victory Avenue, 29, BC "Victoria" office 511.

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